CCU Later

The Chanticleers have done it. History has been made in Omaha. The Coastal Carolina boys are your 2016 College World Series Champions.

It’s the Cinderella story everyone has been raving about. The underdog team everyone was rooting for. But allow me to pose the question: Why has this team not been taken seriously since the beginning? When you stop and take a second to look at this team and their statistics, it’s really not a surprise that they have made it this far. Consider the following:

  1. Coastal Carolina ranks as #1 in all of Division 1 baseball for HR (home runs).
  2. For stolen bases, they rank #7.
  3. Sacrifice bunts – #6.
  4. Double-plays – #6
  5. The Chanticleers have won more games than ANY team in Division 1 baseball.

Underdog? A Cinderella story? Nope, just the best team in the country proving to everyone why they should’ve been taken seriously in the first place. The teal is real, and it always has been.

Congratulations to the 2016 College World Series Champions: Coastal Carolina University!


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