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July 2016

Kids Should Be Chasing Balls, Not Pokemons.

I'm at a defining moment in my life. Within the past year, I have graduated from college, enrolled in graduate school, traveled to different parts of the country, started working for an outstanding MiLB organization, and along the way met some pretty incredible people. Lately I've been reflecting on it all, and it made me realize two things: 1) just how fortunate I was growing up to be constantly surro[...]

Mean Girls – Real World Edition

We've all seen the movie: jealous high school girls set on ruining the lives of others, just to make them feel a little better about theirs. While Mean Girls is pretty realistic to the level of pettiness some girls (and guys!) reach in high school, it failed to mention one important, and depressing, fact of life: it doesn't end there. Yup, I hate to burst your bubble, but the truth is you will always b[...]