Life Update: Version 2.0

Updates. In our vastly technological world, we’re so accustomed to hearing this term (I’m looking at you, Apple!). But what about using this term to describe a stage in our life? Recently, my life has gotten a lot of upgrades. So many, that even my ‘About Me’ page needs an update itself. Here are just a few of the “updates” I’ve gone through recently:

  1.  Instead of being a graduate student and pursuing my master’s degree, I have become a post-graduate student at the University of Alabama seeking a second degree. (Not to mention I literally enrolled the day before classes started)
  2.  Instead of a master’s degree in Communications, I am pursuing a Telecommunication and Film degree with a sports emphasis in Electronic Reporting. (Just a tad different – & a whole lot more specific)
  3.  I am moving into a house with one of my friends who I randomly texted to see how she was because I haven’t talked to her in forever (I’m really good at making spontaneous, on-the-spot decisions if you couldn’t already tell – but eeeek, I can’t wait!)

With all of these “life updates”, it’s really reinforced a life lesson that I believe very strongly in. That is, that you should never, ever, ever want to feel like you have it all together. The moment you feel like you do, you deny yourself the opportunity for personal growth. I’m going to say it again. The moment you feel like you do, you deny yourself the opportunity for personal growth. All of my recent life changes literally happened within the span of three days. Seriously. THREE. DAYS. It was terrifying to me, the thought that I had possibly chosen the wrong next steps. However, I couldn’t deny that little voice in my head that told me I needed to change directions. So, I did. And now, I honestly can’t imagine myself doing what I thought I was going to do. Everything is falling into place and doors are opening left and right: doors that probably wouldn’t have opened if I had stuck with my original plan. I feel that I am truly where I am supposed to be and that I am on the right path: my path. And that feeling is unlike any other.

I once saw a quote, that perfectly embodies this message:

“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”

The sooner I figured out this lesson, the better off I became. Never be afraid to change your path. It’s your life, and contrary to popular belief, there is no set way to live it (ya know, the good ole graduate high school then college then get married then have kids then work your 9 to 5 then retire then die plan). Your plans are not concrete: they are going to change, in one way or another, either by choice or by circumstance (especially in your 20’s, trust me!). What’s important is being open to this change, because often times, it’ll lead you to do something you never knew you were capable of.


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