I apologize for being MIA the last month! I’ve had so much going on with school (which included me making my first ever international radio debut…crazy right?), but I also got to spend a week on the island of Oahu! My parents and I flew into Honolulu and stayed in a hotel on the beautiful Waikiki Beach. We were greeted with the Aloha spirit from the moment we landed. And by the “Aloha spirit”, I mean that everyone we came into contact with was so genuinely kind and caring. As our host Ron put it, here we’re all Ohana – we’re all family! From luau’s to shark diving, and surfing to ATV riding in the mountains, the Aloha spirit was alive and well. Here are some of the pictures I took during my little getaway, enjoy!

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And yes, the pineapple was as amazing as you would imagine. A big mahalo (thank you) to the Hawaiian people for an amazing vacay that I will never forget!


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