How to: Survive the Offseason

The Chicago Cubs’ World Series win over the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday marked a historical moment for the franchise. But it also marked a terrifying realization: We are now officially in the offseason. That’s right, we’ve entered that time of year again. No college baseball, no minor league baseball, and no major league baseball. No sounds of a ball cracking against a bat, no 7th inning stretch, and no ballpark food. Scary right? But no worries! I came up with a list of five things to keep you busy (or somewhat sane) during the offseason.

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” – Rogers Hornsby

  1. Re-watch your favorite baseball games on TV. Did you DVR the World Series? College World Series? Little League World Series? You’re in luck! Put those bad boys on repeat and watch until the Spring (don’t worry, baseball fans aren’t judging you).
  2. Download and jam to baseball classics. Take Me out to the Ballgame is the holy grail when it comes to classic baseball jams, but did you know that there are “lost verses” in the song? Probably not. Learn these during the offseason so when the time for the first pitch comes, you can impress all of your friends (especially that annoying one who thinks they know everything about baseball).
  3. Go on a shopping spree for your favorite team’s gear. Since you can’t spend your free time at the ballpark, you now finally have the time to go stock up on your team’s gear for next season. Whether it’s college, minor league, or major league, just shop shop shop! (I’m looking at you Cubs’ fans, I better see some World Series Champions gear)
  4. Go to the gy- lol just kidding, go buy hot dogs. Or Cracker Jacks. Or soft pretzels (my personal weakness). When it seems like the offseason will never end, ballpark food will ease the pain. I promise, it’s like magic. BONUS – Guys! Can’t think of a date idea? Go buy hot dogs for two and turn on the MLB Network! See, we ladies aren’t that hard to please. Hint hint.
  5. If all else fails, just kidnap your favorite player! (Kidding, I do not actually advise this. Unless it’s Mike Trout. *swoons*)

Until the spring you can find me eating soft pretzels and crying myself to sleep. Stay strong, baseball fans!


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