#Thankful for Safe Rooms

In all honesty, I’ve never really given safe rooms much thought. But after all of the pure hatred I’ve seen from people surrounding this election, I can safely say (no pun intended) that on this Thanksgiving holiday, I’m eternally thankful for the safe rooms in my life.

Now, I’m sure when you read the words ‘safe room’, you automatically assume that I’m talking about those rooms that colleges have where students can go to feel “safe and secure from the rest of the mean, scary world”. But alas, this is one trend that has yet to catch on at the University of Alabama. I’m talking about a different kind of safe room. Safe rooms, to be exact.

My faith. No matter how scared I am about the future, I find peace in knowing who holds my future. He gave me freedom from my past, tranquility in my present, and hope for my future. He is the shoulder that I lean on and the rock that I stand on. When I cry out, He graciously meets me with infinite love and mercy. In Christ, I feel safe.

My family and close friends. With these few people, I know that I can express my fears and dreams and be met with nothing but encouragement and love. I am respected, and I know who my number one fans are. With my family and friends, I feel safe.

Jackson. Maybe it’s a bit odd to count my dog, but with my black lab I know I can confess, curse, and cry my eyes out and he will still meet me at the door with his tail wagging. Being with my four-legged best friend, I feel safe.

The Sermon Table. My grandmother’s kitchen table. The table I know I can always go to to be served a hot meal with a side of wisdom. The table where I have received both life advice and an economics lesson. The table where we have celebrated birthdays and mourned the death of loved ones. The table where I’m sitting today. The table where I feel safe.

In the real world, you’re not going to have a room that you can go to and have all your problems melt away. It’s not realistic. So invest your time in finding your own safe rooms, be it in your religion, family, dog – whatever. Wherever or whoever you feel comfortable with, THAT is your safe room. I promise you will find infinite more security and love there than any old silly room can offer.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! xx

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