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Last night, Saturday Night Live opened their show with a sketch making fun of Alabama football. Pro wrestler John Cena played the part of an Alabama football player giving his final science presentation. While he states that the main reason he is at Alabama is because of his “abilities on the football field”, he earnestly insists that he takes his academics “incredibly seriously”. In response, one of the teachers tells the player that they will treat him “like any other student”, and then proceeds to thank him for signing his Alabama hat. Another teacher makes a comment, wearing crimson and white face paint, saying light-heartedly, “Absolutely. Don’t you expect any favors from us.”

The sketch moves along, and it is time for the students to present. The student-athlete’s presentation revolved around his scientific findings on…bananas. Nailed to a piece of plywood. *facepalm*

Okay, timeout.

This is the go-to joke when it comes to the University of Alabama. Well, their football team may always win, but their students are a bunch of idiots and they just hand out degrees at that school.  I’m honestly surprised they didn’t throw in an inbred joke. (I guess they can save that joke for the next time we make it to the playoffs…again.)

Now whether or not SNL would do a sketch like this involving any other university, I’ll leave up to you to decide. However, there is no denying that this sketch is clearly taking a shot at how faculty treat their student-athletes and implying that they don’t have to try nearly as hard as their peers who don’t play sports.


First of all, this is not just a shot at the student-athletes that go to Alabama. This is a shot at every single student-athlete in the country. To imply that student-athletes don’t have to try and have it way easier than students who aren’t athletes shows that SNL truly has no idea what they are talking about. I’ve had plenty of classes with student-athletes, and I can tell you first-hand that they have to put in just as much work in the classroom as non student-athletes. Not once have I seen a student-athlete get any sort of special treatment in class.

But what’s the real kicker when it comes to being a student-athlete?

They don’t just go to class. They have practice. They have workouts. They have meetings. They have film study. They have engagements in the community. Being a Diamond Doll and working closely with the Alabama baseball program, I’ve seen firsthand athletes giving up what little personal time they have to go and make a difference. They do all of this, and also manage to squeeze in enough time for studying and somewhat of a social life.

According to TIME, a Gallup survey has even found that, “Former student athletes are more likely to be engaged at work, involved in their community, and driven to meet goals” compared to non student-athletes. It also found that “a slightly greater share of student athletes were thriving in four out of five areas of well-being: purpose…social…community…and physical…” I guess all that coddling in college made them more driven to be successful after college…?

Simply put, student-athletes don’t receive nearly enough credit or recognition for what they accomplish: on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

This sketch was such a cop out and not even supported by facts. C’mon SNL, I thought you guys were supposed to be funny?

Y’all might as well have been talking to the Coke bottle.

Roll Tide 🙂

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