Ultimate Optical Illusion

Social Media.

It’s incredible to see how this whole other world has taken over to become our new reality. No longer does it matter how kind you are or the good deeds you do. I mean, if you didn’t Instagram it, did you really even do it?

It’s become all about followers, not friends. Likes, not love. Sharing, not caring (okay that was cheesy, but still).

We’ve become enthralled with the lives we see people portray on the internet. But what we don’t realize is that that’s all it is: a portrayal. A lot of times, it’s not what their real life is like at all. It’s staged. And for some reason, we think that living in those moments that we are desperate to document are meaningless unless we get the perfect picture for everyone to look at.

Even worse, there are people who will actually buy their followers and likes for their photos. This baffles me: why do we care so much about the number? We are so fixated on getting to a certain number of likes, and if we don’t get to it, we actually feel bad about ourselves. So what do we do? We buy likes so we feel important and valued. Self-worth = instantly increased.

What’s even worse than all of this are those people who are so unhappy with themselves, they steal the identities of others online and present it as themselves. I mean we’ve all seen Catfish; we know it happens. But the fact that people have the gall to steal another persons’ photos and fake who they are is absolutely abhorrent and pathetic. I actually had this happen today on Instagram, and I knew immediately that it was fake (the username is @sarahkatehall94 *UPDATE – The person changed her username to caitlyn_alyce1995. ** UPDATE AGAIN – It’s now @thestarlinadams). They are pretending to be a well-known blogger, someone who works very hard at what they do and doesn’t deserve to have their content stolen. So WHY do people do this? Have we really become this needy and insecure?

All in all, the online world can be viewed as a pretty optical illusion. It’s fun to use (and can definitely be used for good!), sure. Why else would hundreds of millions of people use it religiously? But my advice to everyone reading this, especially in this new year, is to try and live more in the moments you are able to experience. Don’t worry so much about getting that Insta-worthy photo. Breathe. Explore. Experience. LIVE.


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