Poppy Goes Home


Something cool I did while in Jupiter, Florida was visit Loggerhead Marinelife Center. The center is a nonprofit that focuses on saving and rehabilitating sea turtles as well as educating the public about these creatures. The center is a museum, gift shop, and hospital all in one. People can come to view the sea turtles and check out their progress. Each year, the hospital treats approximately 100 injured sea turtles and 1,000 hatchlings. The mission of the hospital is to rehabilitate and release the turtles immediately. Fortunately, I was able to make it to one of these incredible releases.

Poppy, a sub-adult loggerhead turtle, was found in the St. Lucie power plant intake canal. The turtle was suffering from starvation and covered in barnacles. Over the course of 5 months, Poppy was nursed back to good health. On March 9th, I along with about 500 other people witnessed Poppy’s release back into the ocean. To lots of applause and cheering, Poppy made her return home.

It was a beautiful moment to see this now healthy sea turtle return home. Earth Day is coming up soon, and it’s always good to remember why it’s so importantΒ to take care of our planet. Here are some tips to help keep our planet clean and our animals safe:

  1. Don’t throw leftover fish hooks or fishing line in the water.
  2. Leave wildlife in its natural environment.
  3. Do not feed wildlife (some of the food we feed animals can actually be harmful to them).
  4. Always check the surrounding area before starting a boat motor (especially true for manatees!).
  5. Dispose of your trash properly.

Let’s remember to do our partΒ to keep animals like Poppy safe and happy in their home! Talk soon<3


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