Anddddd the Houston Astros are your 2017 World Series Champions! Wow. From the unveiling of the brand new spring training home in West Palm Beach to the World Series Game 7 in L.A., this season has been nothing short of magical. It was a season full of tremendous highs and character-defining lows. Here’s a few of my favorite moments and stories from this championship team:

  1. Sports Illustrated Prediction – In a 2014 cover featuring George Springer, the magazine predicted the big Astros win with the caption “Your 2017 World Series Champs”.
  2. Evan Gattis – A man who went from a janitor with severe anxiety to a World Series Champion. You can’t make this sort of stuff up.
  3. Carlos Beltran – After an impressive 20 year career, he can now finally add a World Series ring to complete it.
  4. Jose Altuve – The shortest active player in the MLB, he led the majors in hitting, had 24 homers, 32 stolen bases, and was an incredible 2nd baseman. Not bad for 5’6″ huh?
  5. George Springer – He’s not only the World Series MVP (Springer Dingers!), he’s the MVP to many young people across the country who stutter.
  6. Game 5 – Quite possibly one of the best World Series games ever played. I cheered, I cried, I cheered some more; I had all the emotions during this game.
  7. #HoustonStrong – Hurricane Harvey devastated the town of Houston. Wearing the #HoustonStrong patch on their jerseys, the team rallied around Houston and Houston rallied around the Astros.
  8. Irony of Game 7 – Hurricane Harvey dropped 51″ of rain on Houston, so the Astros beat the Dodgers 5-1 to win it all. Coincidence? I think not.

The Astros dedicated their World Series victory to the fans and the city of Houston. After the game, Jose Altuve said “We did this for them. I know there has been a lot going on in Houston. But they are the biggest reason why we are here.” The post season win became so much bigger than just the team. They redefined what it meant to be #HoustonStrong, and the World Series win became symbolic of the resilience of the people of Houston.


Congratulations to the Houston Astros, the Astros organization, and the Astros fans!


Go ‘Stros!