Road Trip Playlist

Hey babes! So as I said in my last post, I’m on my way to Nashville, which means I’m road tripping for a little over two hours. And no road trip is complete without a killer playlist to get you through! Jamming out to songs in the car has been something I’ve done ever since I was a tot. It’s some of my absolute favorite childhood memories. From going to gymnastics meets, to dance competitions, to the College World Series, to Spring Training, I’ve always had a playlist accompanying me with every trip. I’m still making my old school cd’s with my favorite songs. Maybe I do it out of habit, or maybe it’s a comfort thing. Regardless it’s something I do for every single road trip and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! In honor of all my prior road trips that gave me some of my greatest memories, I made a compilation of my favorites and put them into one playlist that you can listen to below! I’m going to warn you though, there are some serious throwbacks 😉


What’s on your road trip playlist? Let me know!


Talk soon!