Mini Beauty Haul

Hey guys!! So I've been out doing some last minute Christmas shopping, and during that time I may or may not have bought loads of new beauty products from Ulta. (Spoiler alert, I did.) While the rash decision wasn't so good for my bank account, it does give me a good excuse for a new blog post! These are products I had never tried before, but heard nothing but amazing reviews of. They are: B[...]
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My Holy Grail Products

Hey guys! I'm finally back to writing again after moving endless amounts of boxes and furniture into the new house. Renovating a 60's home while simultaneously living in it is not for the weak. But in the midst of all the chaos and changes to my routine, I'm reminded that there are just some things in my life that stay the same no matter what. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, jamming to ABBA when[...]
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