1. Where are you from?
    • I’m from the small but unique town of Florence, Alabama.
  2. Favorite thing to do as a child?
    • My favorite things to do as a child were gymnastics, dance, and doing impressions of my favorite characters for my parents and friends (I did a mean Johnny Bravo).
  3. Do you have any siblings?
    • No brothers, no sisters. Just me myself and I.
  4. Where did you go to high school?
    • I did a college prep distance learning academy called Laurel Springs. Essentially, it was online college classes but for high school students. It gave me so much flexibility in the way I was educated, and I am very grateful for that. I had amazing teachers from all over the world, and I get to call people like Bow Wow, Hayden Panettiere, and Kendall/Kylie Jenner fellow alumni: pretty cool, huh?
  5. Where did you go to college and what did you do?
    • I went to the University of Alabama and received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Special Education two years ahead of schedule. During my time at the University, I was a part of 4 honor society’s, was a coach/board member for the Miracle League (a baseball league for children through adults with special needs), served as an ambassador for the University’s baseball team, and took an extra semester of broadcasting classes.
  6. What is your job?
    • Since graduating, I have worked for the Birmingham Barons (AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) as well as the Houston Astros at their Spring Training complex in West Palm Beach, FL. I plan to return to West Palm in 2018 to work for the Astros again.
  7. Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
    • My absolute favorite place I’ve ever traveled to would have to, without a doubt, be Hawaii. I spent a blissful seven days in paradise surfing the sparkling ocean, eating fresh pineapple, quad biking in the mountains, and cage diving with sharks. Definitely the trip of a lifetime.
  8. Favorite sport?
    • My absolute favorite sport is baseball. I fell in love with it when I started coaching my players at the Miracle League, and I’ve never looked back.
  9. Glass half-full or glass half-empty?
    • Most definitely half glass-full. There is far too much in this life to be thankful for, and our time is so limited so we must live each day with a happy heart and grateful mindset.
  10. What’s your life motto?
    • The motto I live by is “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” I have my health, amazing friends and family, I’m working toward my goals, and I couldn’t be happier. There are so many adventures waiting to happen and I’m ready for every single one of them!